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  • Dwayne Johnson’s latest film,
    The Smashing Machine
    gave him an elbow injury the size of a melon.
  • Despite the physical strain, Johnson continues to bring his characteristic toughness to his roles.
  • In addition to filming
    The Smashing Machine
    Johnson has a busy schedule with several projects in the works.

Dwayne Johnson has announced that he sustained an elbow injury while filming action scenes for his new movie. The Smashing Machine. Although he’s still “The Rock,” the wrestler-turned-actor’s latest role as former UFC fighter Mark Kerr in the A24 biopic seems to have caused the often physically demanding performer to suffer for his craft.


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Dwayne Johnson has stated that he will not use his social media presence to influence this year’s US elections.

The Smashing Machine Johnson had to push himself to the limit, undergoing mixed martial arts training while also completing his usual rigorous workout routines to embody Kerr in every way. According to Johnson’s latest update, the intense work on the film has caused his elbow to swell up “like a melon.” In a video on his Instagram account, Johnson explained:

“When your movie is called The Smashing Machine, you’re always getting smashed. Look at that thing there. It’s like a melon in my elbow. There could be a soft tissue injury there. That’s a lot of fluid. I have to get it out before I get an MRI.”

A day without pain is like a day without sunshine.

Johnson has never been one to shy away from getting physical on screen, bringing his years of experience beating himself and others up in the ring in WWE to his acting roles. The Rock’s recent return at WrestleMania 40 proved he can still take and dish out a punch, and he is expected to return to the ring in the lead-up to WrestleMania 41. For now, however, his focus will be on getting back to competitive fitness so he can continue filming. The Smashing Machine.

Dwayne Johnson continues to be one of Hollywood’s busiest actors

Announced a few months ago, The Smashing Machine is just one of the films currently on Johnson’s slate. Filming on the movie is set to continue throughout the summer, with a goal of hitting theaters in late 2024. A recent first appearance by Johnson in the role of Kerr surprised fans, as the actor completely changed his appearance for the role.

While his role in The Smashing Machine could take a physical toll, his vocal cords were recently injured before his return as Maui in Vaiana 2 – The Great Adventure. Johnson returns to the franchise later this year in the role he first made famous in 2016, but will also play the demigod in Disney’s live-action retelling of Vaiana – The wonderful world of lovewhich is currently scheduled for release in July 2026. This suggests that Johnson will be working on this film almost as soon as he finishes filming The smashing machine.


Dwayne Johnson produces “Who Killed WCW?” documentary series for Vice TV

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson will delve deep into the success and failure of WCW for a new docuseries, examining the highs and lows of the company.

In addition to these films, Johnson will also appear in Apple TV+’s Christmas film Red Oneand the next episode of Fast and the Furious franchise. Johnson is also expected to direct sequels to Netflix’s Red Notice, San Andreas, Jumanjiand Disney’s Jungle Cruise in development. It has also been said that he will appear in a reboot of Big trouble in Little China.

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