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Sassy Cassie: Brings back network television Cat missing as emotional support after semi-trailer crashes into Morris home

The summer movie season is exciting.

The biggest movies hit the biggest screens in the country, giving audiences new classic scenes and new classic quotes that they can use for years to come. But your favorite movie quotes are more than just funny references. They contain meaningful clues for credit union branding.

Here are five quotes from summer movies and what they say about strengthening your credit union’s brand.

“You’ll need a bigger boat.” – The White shark

Who is responsible for the brand? It’s not just a few people at the top or your VP of Marketing. It’s everyone!

Expand your brand boat before the shark of organizational complacency and apathy swallows your growth. Stick to the brand triangle – leaders must lead the brand, employees must live the brand, and (if those two parts go well) members will love the brand.

Credit union branding should be part of your onboarding, regular meetings, quarterly training, and service standards. Your brand is your identity, and your branding is… well… everything.

So stop pigeonholing your brand. Build a bigger boat.

“Your mission, should you decide to accept it…” – Impossible mission

This sentence sounds more like a suggestion than a demand, but agent Ethan Hunt always accepts the mission. Do your employees always accept the direction of your brand? And you?

According to a Gallup poll from a few years ago, only 27% of employees believed in a company’s values ​​and less than 50% knew what made their workplace different from others.

Such low levels of acceptance have downstream effects on morale, service and yes, the bottom line. Too many employees and managers are professional sleepwalkers. They just do their job by the book without consciously living the brand. It’s time to wake up.

Branding your credit union is not optional. Embrace the mission.

“In times of crisis, the wise build bridges, while the foolish build barriers.” – Black Panther

These days, times of crisis seem to be almost constant. But even without widespread socioeconomic problems, some members find themselves in a crisis again and again. The bills are too high. There is a medical emergency or a car breakdown.

Whatever it is, they need someone (you) to help them and build bridges. You need to communicate your brand and spread your message. A great brand is worth little if no one knows about it.

Unfortunately, the hardest thing for financial marketers is to reach the right niches.

Research and analysis will help your credit union branding, but the biggest boon will be consistent action. Many credit unions struggle with consistent marketing that advances their brands.

Don’t let poor communication hinder your growth. Brand messaging takes work, but when you master consistency, you’ll build bridges to the consumers you need.

“Just keep swimming.” – Find Nemo

Let’s face it: Branding a credit union is hard work (especially as described in the points above). It’s a constant effort. A never-ending game.

Luckily, Dory reminds you what to do when “life gets you down.” Even if you don’t enjoy it… just keep swimming.

When you operationalize your brand and make it your guiding light, you revolutionize your business. 90% of companies that prioritize a brand mission outperform the industry average, and consistent brands could increase revenue by 33%.

Branding is hard work. And challenging. But never stop swimming if you want to reach your goal.

“Your future is whatever you make of it. So make it a good one.” – Back to the Future III

Your brand’s past might be full of missteps, rough visuals, or inappropriate messaging. Just remember: your past is not your future.

You can start (or resume) developing appropriate credit union branding immediately.

It’s not too late to chart a better course for your brand. It’s not too late to refresh an outdated brand. It’s not too late to build something that will sustain your credit union for the next 30, 60, or 100 years.

The future of your brand is in your hands. Make it something spectacular.

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