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The “annual tax assessment” that property owners recently received is NOT your tax assessment for 2024.

The state of Georgia requires that every taxable property in Georgia be assessed annually. The process is dictated by the state. The form that property owners receive is a state form filled out with data required by the state. This state process requires local tax assessors to determine value based on actual sales of properties that are similar to other properties in the municipality.

The process the tax assessor uses to determine the value of property is a STATE process that is assessed annually by the state. If county tax assessors fail to assess property within the equity standards set by the STATE, the county will ultimately have to pay a penalty fee for each property in the county. Tax assessors have a very unpopular, difficult and complex job to perform for county citizens. Tax assessors must assess property based on the standards required and measured by the STATE. In summary, the results of your tax assessment are largely based on the requirements and procedures set by the STATE.

The annual property tax assessment does not set actual property taxes. Your elected county commission and county school board set the level of property taxes annually as part of their annual budget processes. Of your property taxes, approximately 40% is set by the Baldwin County Commission and 60% is set by the Baldwin School Board.

The Baldwin County Commission evaluates the county’s budget needs to determine the dollar resources required. These requirements are based on the resources needed to meet constitutional requirements (the majority of county resources needed), debt needs, and public service goals for the county’s citizens.

Based on the resources required to supply the county for the next year, the ad valorem property tax rate for each taxable property is expressed as a MIL rate. Applying the established MIL rate to all taxable properties creates the dollar resources needed by the county government that are not provided by other resources.

Many property owners in Baldwin County have seen an increase in the value of their properties. An increase in value is desired until the property owner sees an increase in property taxes. The 2024 Annual Property Assessment Notice will inform property owners of the unchallenged assessed value of their properties, which will be used by the MIL rate to determine property taxes for that year.

Over the past 12 years, the County Commissioners have never made a significant change to the MIL rate. Baldwin County Commissioners are proud that over 75% of the state has higher property tax rates than Baldwin. The current Commissioners want to continue to work to keep property taxes low. The Commissioners will carefully consider the funds needed for the County and will focus on continuing to keep taxes low. There is a possibility that the County’s MIL rate could be reduced due to increased property value.

Henry Craig

Baldwin County Commissioner

District 4

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