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The wide receiver position looks very different for the LA Chargers today than it did a year ago. This time last year, the Chargers had one of the best one-two punches in the sport in Keenan Allen and Mike Williams, as well as a promising first-round pick with great potential in Quentin Johnston.

A year later, the Chargers don’t have a true No. 1 wide receiver and Johnston is under bust watch. Second-round wide receiver Ladd McConkey and fourth-year WR3 Joshua Palmer must carry the load in the wide receiver room.

In a perfect world, the Chargers hit the jackpot with a project receiver, specifically Brenden Rice or Cornelius Johnson, both of whom were drafted in the seventh round. There’s also the possibility that the Chargers could strike gold with an undrafted free agent. While it’s less likely, it’s certainly possible.

To take it a step further, the most unlikely source of performance could be players who train with the team, earn a chance to compete for a spot on the roster in training camp and somehow make the 53-man roster. This is a massive battle that very few players go through and one that Praise Olatoke wants to see through to the end. The Chargers worked against Olatoke on Tuesday because he wants to leave a lasting impression.

Olatoke was named to the NFL’s International Player Pathway class of 2024 as he looks to make the NFL roster with no college football experience. Olatoke’s only college football experience came at the club level at Ohio State, which is quite a step down from actual college football.

However, Olatoke is still an elite athlete who possesses game-winning speed. Being a wide receiver in the NFL takes a lot more than just speed, but it helps to have the figurative (and literal) edge of being one of the fastest players in the league.

Olatake, a track and field star at Ohio State, ran the 100 meters in 10.29 seconds in his final season in 2022. For comparison, Seattle Seahawks wide receiver DK Metcalf ran the 100 meters in 10.37 seconds at the 2021 USATF Golden Games.

Metcalf is one of the fastest wide receivers in the league, having run a 40-yard dash in 4.33 seconds. Olatoke is not as physically powerful as Metcalf, but we know he is just as fast.

It is very likely that Olatoke will not make the 53-man roster and will be lucky to get a spot on the practice squad at all. However, crazier things have happened in the NFL and the Chargers obviously believe that something there to enable him to even have a trial training session.

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