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Living space is becoming more expensive and cramped over time, and this is especially true if you share your home with furry friends. Space for human furniture sometimes has to give way to furniture designed specifically for pets, unless you can find a way to combine the two in a way that creates harmony and avoids territorial fights. However, some pet furniture doesn’t seem to be naturally suited to this design, such as a cat tree, whose sole purpose is to provide cats with a place to play, scratch, or sleep. That’s exactly the incredible idea behind this unusual furniture concept, which combines a cat tree and a human shelf in a visually quite unique way.

Designer: Ricardo Sa

Thanks to their innate agility, cats are known to love to climb. They’re also pretty bad at scratching surfaces (just like dogs are notorious for chewing shoes), so cat furniture is often designed to meet those needs while simultaneously luring cats away from human furniture. Unlike a simple bed or house for a cat, however, a cat tree not only takes up space on the floor, but also quite a bit of height from the room.

Inspired by the Japanese art of “tameshigiri,” or test-cutting swords through straw or bamboo rolls, Slash is a cat tree design concept that attempts to make space for the needs of cats and their owners. More specifically, it’s a shelf with sloped surfaces, which is definitely unusual for a shelf, making different areas more suitable for different functions. For example, the sloped part closest to the ground would make a good scratching board for your cat, while the shelves ending at the center column would be ideal for books.

There is a flat shelf in the middle, and a ball hangs from one of them for the cat to play with. The middle column of the scratching post has cushions on the top and bottom for the cat to sleep or sit on. The middle section can be used for almost anything, especially things that you don’t want to accidentally fall off.

Slash has an intriguing and unconventional design that piques the curiosity of cats and humans alike. However, it’s quite questionable whether it’s really a good idea to put human items, especially fragile items like a potted plant, where a cat plays. You may know which shelves are for you and which are for the cat, but your feline family may have other ideas and claim everything for themselves, as cats often do.

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