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During the final test weekend, eight electric equipment trains will be put into operation simultaneously.

Red and white electric multiple unit under dramatic sunset
After a final test weekend with eight trains running simultaneously, Caltrain has set September 21 as the target date for the start of electrified service between San Francisco and San Jose. Caltrain

SAN CARLOS, Calif. – Caltrain announced plans to begin electrified service on its San Francisco-San Jose line on Sept. 21, following a final weekend of testing that saw eight trains with electric equipment operating simultaneously, the agency said Monday.

Electrified service will enable a connection between San Francisco and San Jose in less than an hour, and there will be increased service during both weekday and weekend rush hours (see “Caltrain finalizes electrification operating plan,” Trains News Wire, December 12, 2023).

“This weekend’s test proved that Caltrain is ready to deliver a new and improved Caltrain to our riders and the region,” Caltrain CEO Michelle Bouchard said in a news release. “I thank our riders for their patience while we complete this necessary construction, and I look forward to September when we can enjoy the benefits of a faster, greener and quieter Caltrain.”

The eight-train test by Caltrain, equipment manufacturer Stadler and contractor Balfour Beatty was designed to stress the electrical power system and simulate the operation of an all-electric multiple unit. The successful completion will ensure that eight trains will operate properly under various power configurations, the commuter company said.

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