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Image description, “There is a group among us that thinks the park is unimportant”

  • Author, Zac Sherratt
  • Role, BBC News, South East

In an act of “mindless” vandalism, six young cherry trees were snapped in a park in East Sussex.

The guttering of a listed building in Preston Park in Brighton was also torn.

The raising of funds to replace the cherry trees destroyed on Saturday has already begun.

Kerry Pickett, chair of the Friends of Preston Park group, said: “There is a group among us who think the park is unimportant, which is really, really sad. I’m afraid this kind of senseless vandalism just happens.”

Ms Pickett said a tree in the rockery area had also been knocked over and guttering had been ripped off the Tile House gazebo.

The building was moved to Preston Park in 1929 and used as a ladies’ pavilion.

It was purchased by the Aylesbury Tile Company, who used the building as an exhibition space at the Bath and West of England Show.

It is now used by Brighton Sound as a sound healing chamber.

“Incredibly busy”

Ms Pickett said the new seedlings would require “enhanced protection”.

“We’re thinking about whether we could surround (the new trees) with some kind of fence that might give them a little more protection while they’re still quite young,” she said.

“Preston Park is not just for the locals – it is also a day-trip park that people really enjoy coming to.

“It’s always incredibly busy and there are lots of events taking place, so a lot of people think it’s important to keep it going.”

Upcoming events at the park include amphibian workshops and the Magic of Thailand Festival.

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