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Netflix has another hit in its hand with the recently released stalker thriller Baby reindeer. Although there was not much advertising before its launch earlier this year, Baby reindeer relied heavily on word of mouth and recommendations from entertainment majors like Stephen King to build a large fan base in its first few months on Netflix. In fact, the show became so popular that it is now one of the 10 biggest English-language originals in Netflix history.

The new Netflix Top 10 newsletter from Tuesday shows a restructuring of the all-time TV charts, as Baby reindeer finished 10th overall in the first season of The SorcererThe series was watched for more than 335 million hours in its first 91 days on Netflix.

However, it should be noted that the Netflix Top 10 are not sorted by total viewership, so Baby reindeer has less than half the viewing hours of the next best participant (Bridgerton Season 2). Netflix ranks these lists by the “views” metric, which takes the total viewership and divides it by the length of the movie or TV season.

Baby reindeer has 84.5 million views, although the total viewership is significantly lower than some others on the list because it is a much shorter season than comparable shows. The series lasts less than four hours, while other seasons last eight or more hours. Stranger Things 4 lasts more than 13 hours, which is actually the reason why it is not at number one in the top 10.

All in all: Baby reindeer had quite a bit of staying power in its first few months on Netflix, as it was a staple of Netflix’s daily top 10 TV shows list for several weeks. Only recently, with the release of some new TV seasons, Baby reindeer has completely disappeared from the daily list.

Check out a breakdown of Tuesday’s Netflix Top 10 below!

1. Perfect Match

“To stay in the game, single men and women must find the partner who is the perfect match for them – at least until someone better comes along.”

2. Your Honor

(Photo: Showtime)

“Bryan Cranston plays a judge desperate to protect his son in this gripping drama from the creators of The Good Wife and The Evil.”

3. Sweet tooth

(Photo: Netflix)

“With a reluctant protector he calls Big Man by his side, lovable deer-boy hybrid Gus ventures into a dangerous world to find answers about his family.”

4. Jo Koy: Live from Brooklyn

“In this hilarious stand-up special, comedian Jo Koy talks negative people, mumble rap, dating mishaps and why kids today are doing so well.”

5. Dancing for the devil

“Young social media influencers signed with a management company that promised them fame – for money. This docuseries examines the 7M Films controversy.”

6. Bridgerton

(Photo: Netflix)

“Set in Regency Longdon, this historical drama returns with a thrilling new love story as the romance blossoms between Penelope Featherington and Colin Bridgerton.”

7. Eric

“A dogged cop delves into the dark underworld of 1980s New York in search of two missing children and finds a Big Apple rotten to the core.”

8. Hitler and the Nazis: Evil on trial

“This in-depth documentary series examines Adolf Hitler’s rise and fall and the high-ranking Nazi officials who were tried at the historic Nuremberg Trials.”

9. Nerd Girl

“Awkward teenager Harriet always wanted to fit in. Until she is discovered by a top model agent from London and learns that some people are destined to stand out.”

10. Hierarchy

“The top 0.01% of students keep law and order at Jooshin High School, but a mysterious transfer student creates a crack in their uncontrollable world.”

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