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Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse for Pakistan, they miraculously found a way to do it. Immediately after losing to India – their second T20 World Cup defeat – batsman Azam Khan was seen nibbling at a food truck on the streets of New York. Azam, who has faced a lot of criticism for his form and fitness, was ruled out of the match against India but the fact that he was seen eating at a fast food joint in the middle of the night promises to land the Pakistani batsman in even bigger trouble.

Azam Khan spotted at a food truck in NYC (Screenshot)

A video of this has surfaced and although his face was not clearly visible, his presence was indirectly confirmed by Pakistan’s assistant coach Azhar Mahmood. Several reports suggested that Azam was grabbing a snack when some journalists spotted him. The wicketkeeper-batsman even spoke to some people from the media. No one, including Azam, denied that he was there, but the picture became clearer with Mahmood’s admission.

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When the former all-rounder sat down to address the press conference before Pakistan’s crucial win against Canada, he was visibly annoyed by the last question. The questions were supposed to be about the match against Canada, but the journalist was allowed to ask a question about what happened after Pakistan’s loss to India.

Azam Khan’s video that went viral:

“We saw the trip from Dallas to New York. We see the players being put on a diet plan. The players being given different rules and regulations. We went to different places. Because the team is losing and losing big, we saw the players going to different places at 1 or 1:30 at night. We were constantly watching how and what they were doing,” the reporter asked.

Mahmood’s response

Mahmood, visibly annoyed at being asked about the ‘diet plan’, replied: “Did you see the match day? Brother, cricket is played on the ground. There is life beyond cricket. You were there. I am telling you, you were there. I saw you there too. The thing is, we are a very emotional nation. I mean, it is not possible that if you lose a match, your life is over. Yes, it is. How are you going to do that? If you lose a match and then come into the room and bang on the walls of the room, then you need some time to relax your mind.

“Of course, our players are not like that. I have played with English teams too. When they go to a place like that, they can only go out to eat, that is our entertainment. And now tell me, who doesn’t follow a diet plan? All teams in the world do that. There is no such thing. When we lose, we feel like we are not following this, we are not following that. If we had won, you wouldn’t ask me that question.”

It is unclear whether Azam will return to Pakistan’s starting XI for the match against Canada on Tuesday night. With Pakistan under a lot of pressure to stay alive and Imad Wasim worried about his injury, Azam may be a poor choice. Azam was criticised from all sides for his performance against the USA – and by none other than the great Wasim Akram – where he failed to score a single point and was unconvincing as a wicket-keeper.

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