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What’s going on here?

Apple has signed a deal with OpenAI to integrate its AI model into Siri, CEO Tim Cook announced during an event.

What does that mean?

The tech world is abuzz with Apple’s recent move to improve Siri using OpenAI’s AI. But here’s the kicker: Technical documents show that Google’s technology was crucial to the development. Apple used a mix of in-house frameworks and hardware, including its own GPUs and Google’s Tensor Processing Units (TPUs) via Google Cloud. These TPUs are known for their AI performance—Google even says its fifth-generation chips can compete with Nvidia’s top hardware. With a sixth generation coming soon, Apple’s use of Google technology shows just how far the tech giants will go for top-notch AI.

Why should I care?

For markets: When giants work together.

The partnership between Apple, OpenAI and Google could usher in a new era of collaboration in the AI ​​space. Investors should watch how this impacts market dynamics, especially in AI hardware. Apple and Google’s collaboration could increase competition with Nvidia and cloud services like AWS and Azure.

The bigger picture: The expanded horizon of AI.

Apple’s bold move into AI integration reflects a broader trend: rapid adoption of AI across all industries. By enhancing Siri with advanced AI, Apple aims to redefine the user experience and set new standards for digital assistants. This mix of proprietary and outsourced technology shows how innovation can transform the use of AI in enterprises.

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