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Investors pushed Apple’s stock to an all-time high on Tuesday, rising more than 6 percent to over $205 a share. The boost came a day after the company announced a series of upgrades to its iPhones, iPads and Mac computers that will incorporate popular new artificial intelligence technologies.

At its Worldwide Developers Conference on Monday, Apple announced a new service called Apple Intelligence that will support the voice assistant Siri and help device owners with their daily tasks. In a recorded presentation from Apple Park, the company demonstrated examples of how its AI can perform tasks such as pulling flight information from an email, meal plans in a text message chain and location information from a restaurant website to answer complex questions like, “Is my parents’ flight on time and will we make it to dinner?”

Apple also showed examples of how its AI can summarize long emails, help people write and rewrite messages, and create new emojis to express themselves. The company also announced a partnership with OpenAI, whose ChatGPT has attracted more than 100 million users.

“All of this together goes beyond artificial intelligence – it’s personal intelligence and the next big step from Apple,” said CEO Tim Cook in announcing the new initiative, which the company will make available to some users for testing later this year.

In addition to the announcements, Apple renewed its commitment to user privacy and invited security experts to test it.

“We believe Apple Intelligence, developed in a uniquely Apple way, will be essential to the products that already play such an important role in our lives,” Cook added.

Apple is currently one of the most highly valued companies in the world, valued at over $3.1 trillion. Microsoft, also considered a leader in AI, is valued at $3.2 trillion.

More than just an announcement

Apple attracted attention not only by announcing its plans to enter the current AI race, which had already been widely reported, but rather by its approach. The company repeatedly discussed how its AI technologies were designed to focus on seemingly simple tasks and avoid many of the mistakes that companies like Microsoft, Facebook and Google struggled with when they launched AIs that responded to users with embarrassingly false images, racist conspiracy theories and dangerous health advice.

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Instead, Apple demonstrated that products like email and messaging apps have AI built in to help people summarize something they just received or change the tone of something they just wrote.

“People aren’t going to feel like they’re using generative AI, they’re just going to feel like they’re using super cool features,” Ben Bajarin, an analyst at Creative Strategies, told Yahoo Finance after Monday’s event. “It’s about making these things more user-friendly and engaging.”

Apple announced that it plans to make Apple Intelligence available in beta in the U.S. this fall as part of iOS 18, iPadOS 18, and macOS Sequoia.

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