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Appear will support the live broadcast of thousands of camera feeds reaching billions of fans worldwide during this summer’s sporting season. Appear’s media processing and delivery technology will ensure high-quality and efficient live sports productions for the broadcasters and operators of most of this summer’s global sporting events.

“From football and tennis to motorsports and international multi-sport events, it is remarkable what audience numbers the sports broadcasts will reach this summer,” says Thomas Bostrøm Jørgensen, CEO at Appear. “Live sport is a powerful driver of global viewership and sports fans are some of the most loyal customers of all. A technology infrastructure that can meet the growing demands for more immersive and higher quality sports experiences is critical. Our customers choose us because we support their need for greater content monetization and higher production value in a highly efficient and sustainable way.”

Appear’s media processing and content delivery solutions enable enhanced fan experiences through streamlined, cost-effective and environmentally responsible operations. They offer multiple functions in a single, compact modular format, providing a toolkit that can be adapted to multiple live production use cases. The density of the hardware also dramatically reduces required rack space and on-site power consumption, while reducing shipping costs and associated emissions for field-sourced kits by over 80%.

“Our market-leading capabilities and the reputation of the Appear X platform make us the first choice for premium global sporting events,” continued Jørgensen. “Our ongoing collaboration with the world’s leading sports broadcasters ensures that billions of sports fans will experience unforgettable moments all summer long. We look forward to helping our customers deliver the best possible live sports experiences and the highest production value.”

Appear’s media processing and delivery solutions offer market-leading flexibility, density and cost-effectiveness. Appear’s X-Platform enables broadcasters and service providers to enable live content with advanced remote production and distribution workflows worldwide. Integration with leading industry standards such as HEVC/AVC, ST-2110, JPEG-XS, NMOS and high-capacity SRT, combined with a diverse range of processing capabilities, Network Address Translation (NAT) and firewall features, ensures a comprehensive and reliable content delivery solution.

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