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NASHVILLE — Tennessee Titans running back Tyjae Spears is set to make a significant move in the 2024 National Football League season. He was Derrick King’s backup and now has a chance to establish himself as a potential star.

Spears recently made a list of players who are considered to be under the radar in the American Football Conference on CBS Sports.

“Spears may be the most recognizable name on this list, but I still think he flies under the radar when you factor in the arrival of Tony Pollard as a free agent,” Tyler Sullivan wrote on “Spears is a speedy dual-threat back for Tennessee and caught 52 balls in his rookie season. Those opportunities as a pass catcher should remain, along with an additional workload as a runner to form a one-two punch with Pollard in the backfield after Derrick Henry in Nashville.”

As Tyjae enters his second year, it’s important to look back at his impressive rookie season. Selected in the third round of the 2023 draft, he made a lasting impression with 100 carries for 453 yards and two touchdowns. But it’s his versatility that really sets him apart: he caught 52 passes for 385 yards. He’s not just a runner, but a dual-threat back, a player who can keep defenses guessing with his versatile playstyle.

Before this year’s draft, Carthon made his opinion on Spears clear at the NFL Combine.

“He’s very passionate about football,” Carthon said. “He loves the game. He’s a hard worker. And I think anyone who’s ever met him knows that’s what he’s like, and that’s what you love about him. Tyjae is one of those guys that’s always on his toes. I know there was a lot of concern about his knee going bad, and that was the big question this time of year and after we drafted him. But we’re talking about a guy that’s never missed a practice or a game. And he’s, for lack of a better phrase, cut from the right cloth. And those are the guys we want in our program.”

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