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7 things I love about the new 2024 Frame TV (and 3 things I hate)


The 2024 edition of Samsung’s Frame TV offers some worthwhile upgrades. And it continues to offer all the features people love in the best-selling QLED smart TV with 4K resolution, including a glare-free screen, a sharp picture and incredibly smooth and fluid action that’s perfect for live sports, action movies or gaming.

The Frame continues to be the most popular TV among our readers, and we’ve been raving about it for years. Samsung recently sent me the 65-inch model of the 2024 Frame TV to review. Based on my extensive testing, here are the seven things I like most about this TV (plus a few things that could still be improved). Be sure to read my comprehensive review of the 2024 Frame Smart TV.

7 things I love about the 2024 Frame TV

The 2024 edition of the Frame TV is available in six screen sizes – 43 inches ($1,000), 50 inches ($1,300), 55 inches ($1,500), 65 inches ($2,000), 75 inches ($3,000), and 85 inches ($4,300). Although I recently worked with the 65-inch version, the performance of all screen size options is the same. And best of all, you can often find all sizes of this popular TV on sale at Samsung, as well as at Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart.

This is what I liked most about the 2024 edition of Samsung’s Frame Smart TV:

  • The One Connect Box reduces cable clutter and makes it easy to connect a set-top cable TV box, DVD player, game console, soundbar or other devices.
  • The TV’s matte finish eliminates (or significantly reduces) glare and reflections from artificial or natural light.
  • Samsung’s redesigned Tizen operating system is easier to navigate, so you can find what you want to watch and switch between streaming services faster.
  • Even without a console connected, you can play popular games by pairing wireless handheld controllers (like the $50 Replay Wireless Controller designed for Samsung’s Gaming Hub) and then connecting to a cloud-based gaming service. Most wireless controllers for the PlayStation or Xbox will also work with the Frame TV. The improved Gaming Hub automatically adjusts the TV’s settings to improve picture and sound.
  • Samsung now offers a wider selection of free artwork that you can view in the Frame’s Art Mode. The image library that you get when you subscribe to Samsung’s Art Store service ($6 per month) is constantly expanding and now includes over 2,500 new and classic artworks from world-famous galleries and museums.
  • The TV remote is compact but easy to use. And you never have to worry about changing the battery because it’s solar powered. You can also remotely control the TV using the SmartThings app on your smartphone or tablet.
  • The Frame automatically pairs with any Samsung Galaxy Buds wireless earbuds, allowing you to enjoy a private listening experience while watching TV.

What I don’t like about the frame

  • The Frame TV comes without a picture frame bezel, but various colors and styles are available separately from Samsung (starting at $200 each) and several third-party retailers.
  • Some of the TV’s more specialized features, such as split-screen display and picture-in-picture, are not so easy to find.
  • When you install an app for a streaming service, you’ll also need to add it to the TV’s home screen for quick access, otherwise it will require additional navigation to use.

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